16 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1969

  1. All the familiar late model cars of yesteryear offer a bit of nostalgia. People going about their daily lives, sitting at traffic lights surrounded by ugly commercial clutter is a reminder that our main function as citizens is to buy and consume.

    Today, this once tight cluster of small boxes has been torn down and replaced by tall, big stacked boxes with arty facades, filled with another generation of buyers and consumers who ride rented bikes, scooters, and “Tap” their way ’round town.

  2. I love how things have changed in this shot: more street trees, a bike lane, streetcar tracks down MLK, and much less signage. When did this stretch of Burnside become one-way?

  3. What a mess! And we took all that clutter for granted. Is that the rear end of a Chevy Nova in the foreground? Loved that car.

  4. Igor
    This portion of the Burnside bridge and East Burnside to 14th became one-way when the E Burnside – Couch St. couplet opened in October 2010

  5. Notice the Fwy East sign? You used to be able to make three consecutive right-turns and enter what was then called I-80 (the Banfield). There was also an exit off of the freeway on the north side of Burnside.

  6. Jon
    I used this ultra short on ramp to the Banfield eastbound many times, but this route was I-80N (North). I-80 splits at Echo Utah where I-80N took you to Portland, and I-80 took you to San Francisco. I-80N was later changed to what is known today as route I-84.

  7. Good ole Angelo Lampus. He used to say “I’ll see you at one or the other. Either Union or his other store. (Forget where the other one was. He eventually boarded up his storefront on Union during the uproars of the late sixties/ early seventies. There’s really nothing new under the sun.

  8. DJ
    The two Lampus stores were located at 2600 NE Union (MLK) and 6908 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. in Raleigh Hills.

  9. I couldn’t remember his first name. Angelo. But I remember his stores and commercials. Thanx DJ..

  10. I remember commercials for “Fisher Freeway Ford”! A Gulf gas station sign, I haven’t seen a Gulf station around here since the 1970s. And there is a sign for Ed Randall’s Chevytown, which became Wentworth Chevytown in the early ’70s; I think Wentworth is still there, but I don’t think they sell Chevrolet’s anymore.

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