18 thoughts on “SE Grant Street, 1927

  1. You can just barely see the old address on the house. Looks like 1000 . Since it’s pre 1933 it has the address from the old system on it.

  2. On December 22, 1922, there’s an ad in the Oregonian (p. 4) for Shanahans at Third & Washington Streets with a piicture of a female doll and this: “A Dressed Doll FREE! with every Doll you purchase worth $1 or more—and these Dolls are dear little misses of generous size, neatly dressed, as the cut here illustrates—SHANAHAN’S. No Free Deliveries,,,,The Christmas Store for You… Mrs. Emma M. Walton, 1000 E. Grant St., city.”

    So we know that at least one of the plethora of Waltons to be found in Portland records at the time was Emma!

  3. The 1930 US Census list these people living at 1000 E Grant (3304 SE Grant).
    William Walton — 67 yrs. — Railroad ticket agent
    Emma Walton — 64 yrs. — No occupation
    Dorthy Walton — 30 yrs. — Piano teacher
    John Walton — 28 yrs. — Attendant for feeble minded.
    The 1920 US Census had them living on Woodward and 33rd with 2 additional sons Glenn — 29 yrs.
    Hugh — 15 yrs.
    The 1927 Oregonian shows Shanahan’s dept. store went bankrupt in 1927.

  4. Igor, not only is there a new railing, they actually have steps. Have no idea how they got to their front door in 1927. Very odd.

  5. In this 1927 photo the man holding the child’s hand could be Glenn Walton, and the woman next to the child could be his wife Andrea.
    The 1930 US Census shows that they lived at 1390 E Lincoln, which is 4916 SE Lincoln today.
    From 1930 US Census
    Glenn Walton — 41 yrs.–Freight handler Railroad shipping dept.
    Andrea Walton — 25 yrs. — No occupation
    William Walton — 5 yrs. — son
    I don’t where Hugh is.

  6. It looks like Emma Walton played the piano, too. On March 1, 1931 (p. 43), The Oregonian reported that the State Woman’s Press club would be meeting on “Wednesday, at 8 P.M. In addition to the usual literary program, the works of several of the club’s song writers will be featured. Miss Alma Taylor’s school songs for children will be played and sung by Mrs. Emma Walton.”

    On February 15, 1935, the same paper listed an obituary on page 10 for Emma’s daughter, Mrs. Dorothy W. Brace, who died in Austin, Texas but whose funeral was held at the Portland crematorium.

    “Dorothy Walton was born in Portland, February 7, 1893 and was a member of the first graduating class at Reed college, that of 1915.” She married in 1915 and she and her husband, David lived in Peking, China from 1917 until 1923, when they moved to Austin where her husband was on the faculty of the state university there. (He taught physical education.)

    “Surviving relatives are the widower [David], mother, Mrs. Emma Walton, of Portland, two sisters, Mrs. Bessie Cole of Gresham and Mrs. Florence Cook of Portland, and a brother, Chester C. Walton of Parkdale, Or.”

  7. LiZ C it looks like you have found another mother and daughter named Emma & Dorothy.

    The Dorothy from the Grant st. address was born in Missouri approx 1900, and was a single female (30 Yrs. old) in 1930, also in 1920 she was living in Portland at the Woodward st. address, and looking back to the 1910 US Census it shows she only had brothers.

  8. That’s the house all right. (igor’s image). The 2007 image shows more house / less trees. The rockery work has replaced the sloped grass. No doubt making easier to mow the lawn.

  9. Liz C Looking at the 1940 US Census Dorothy Walton was still living at the Grant. st. address with her father William and brother John and she is still single.
    Here is her obit. from the Oregonian December 14, 1991 Page E13
    A graveside service for Dorothy Nita Walton, a Southeast Portland resident will be at 11 a.m. Saturday in Multnomah Cemetery. She died of causes related to age on Tuesday in a Portland hospital. Miss Walton was 92.
    She was born July 11, 1899, in Blythdale, Mo. She had lived in the Portland area since she was a youngster. Miss Walton had worked as a bookkeeper at the Medical Arts Building and later for Lloyd X-Ray for many years until her retirement during the mid 1960’s She also had been a piano teacher for a number of years. Survivors include a sister in-law Lillian Walton of Portland.

  10. I watched the Walton’s when it was on television and now I get to see a real Walton family. Walton, a good solid sounding name, upstanding, bible studying church-going god-fearing folk. It was a well-acted show, but it wouldn’t be a program I’d watch now. You live and learn.

  11. When looking at this picture, I noticed that the address on the column by the stairs seems to be different from the one you have listed. Maybe I am wrong; what do you think? (Perhaps we should drive by or go to Google Earth. Steve Gillmer ________________________________

  12. Stephen: The reason for the different address is that the photo was taken before Portland renumbered its addresses in the early 1930s.

  13. Stephen — You can look up the changed addresses at the website: https://www.pastportland.com/

    where you’ll find this explanation, too:

    “In 1931, the City of Portland standardized the street names of the city and created the five quadrant system that we use today. This process renamed and renumbered every address in the city. Using our database, you can find the old addresses of current locations, or the modern address of old locations.”

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