10 thoughts on “Green Fingers Program, 1972

  1. That pink flower to the right is Lathyrus latifolus. This picture predates specific collections of that species in Portland proper by a few years.

  2. Susan: The previous post mentioned that this garden was around Knott and Commercial. That area has since become part of Legacy Emanuel Hospital. Here’s the approximate view today:

  3. I can see why Emanuel Hospitals’ expansion project began in the 1970s was so controversial; as it did displace a significant number of homes and businesses in the Albina neighborhood adjacent to the hospital grounds. So much for getting citizens involved in their community in programs like the Albina Neiborghhood Cleanup Project and The Green Fingers Community Garden Program. This land was much too valuable to waste on such things.
    This area had some fine West facing views and from the looks of it, & some pretty cool homes before its transformation into a cluttered commercial mess with no soul.

  4. Susan the brown house with the white trim is the only one still on the block, and the address is 2723 N Kerby ave.

  5. Friend of mine either lived in that house that’s visible or the one next door. This was back in the late 70’s (I think). Never figured out how he could stand the noise.

  6. If only the photograph had been panned slightly left you would have seen the Fremont bridge with its arched center span missing as it wasn’t raised into place until March of 1973.

    Also here’s an aerial of the area from 1974, probably just after Kerby Ave. was widened and re-aligned to create the curved section. The house on the far left in today’s photo has already been demolished, but the still existing house (with the white trim) is easily spotted (with three neighbors still to the north).

  7. There aren’t many aficionados of the Chevy Greenbrier (with good reason–an eight-passenger van with a Corvair engine from the early 60s, not a great vehicle.) My family had one in the early sixties, same red-and-white color scheme. My dad painted our tent-trailer red with a white stripe to match. My siblings and I can always get a rise out of our spouses by talking about that van.

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