11 thoughts on “SW Washington Street, 1907

  1. Looks like the people and vehicles in the foreground have been drawn in on top of a photograph.

  2. A 2012 VP post at:


    shows a similar view from 1905, with identifications of some of the buildings. Its description is:

    “A wonderful look west on SW Washington Street from 2nd Avenue in 1905. A few of these beauties still exist (the Postal and Dekum Buildings on the left and the Waldo Block on the immediate right). The Portland Savings Bank on the near left corner has been a surface parking lot since the early 1950s, and the distinctive, but long-gone, Perkins Hotel at SW 5th was farther down the right side of the street.”

    Yet another related VP post identifies the Perkins Hotel as the one with the pyramid-shaped roof:

  3. Hard to know exactly what this, and all the rest in the Efiles container “Portland view book”, is. It is obviously not a straight photo (ref: Liz C.’s link above) since, for one thing, it is missing the telephone poles down the left side of the street. And it’s too detailed to be a straight illustration. My best guess is that someone modified a photo by hand, probably for publication in a book. Seems like a lot of work. I wonder where it (and the rest) was actually published?

  4. Igor, is that a Bill Hawkins photo? I heard he was attacked by a deranged homeless person two months ago down by Skidmore fountain. He was bludgeoned on the head and knocked to the ground and his camera was smashed, he’s OK, not many octogenarian’s would survive that.

  5. Loads of pedestrian traffic, cars shooting off from side streets, weaving slowly through traffic, horses, trolley’s, and no traffic lights. Awesome old-time chaos. That good old boy police constable (looks drawn in) adds a sense of “order”.

  6. Richard Perkins who was a cattleman had a large gilded steer placed in the alcove in the tower portion of the roof that you can see in the photo Igor posted of the hotel, and the steer was saved and is in storage with the Oregon Historical Society. Portland Police museum also shows Richard Perkins was the town Marshal from 6/30/1854 until 12/2/1854.

  7. Dennis, Maybe the Oregon Historical Society will eventually end up with the giant brass Barbara Sue Seal ( Seal) currently for sale on the corner of NW 23rd and Burnside.

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