11 thoughts on “Ross Island Bridge, circa 1926

  1. Interesting that a wagon from Creston Food and Feed would be on the west side of the bridge and not the east side.

  2. The street barricades with the name Edlefsen – Weygandt Co. are blocking the excavation of the street, and here is a portion of a story from the Oregonian September 10, 1926

    Paving Bids Run Low
    Bids for the pavement of widened streets leading to Ross Island bridge from both sides were opened by City Auditor Funk Wednesday at the meeting of the city council, revealing the Edlefsen – Weygandt Company as the low bidder for the pavement of the West side approach at $121,279.95 and A. D. Kern for the East side Approach for &103,736.02.

    Looks like this is the West side.

  3. Mike : Creston Feed & Fuel was located on the corner of East 50th & Powell Valley road in 1926 classified ads indicate that the sold lots of working horses, but here is an ad that could explain the wagon in the photo.

    Oregonian March 28, 1926 Page 39
    CRESTON Food & Fuel Co. closing out their grading equipment: 18 good teams, dump wagons, plows, fresnos, slips, harness, picks, shovels and cement equipment: first come, first served, we mean business. Mount Scott car to the door, corner of 50th and Powell.

    Perhaps this is a used wagon.

  4. I see there’s a better look at the excavator engine. (converted from steam) Also notice the kinda small crawler tracks which they no doubt made larger later on. It is a clear photo too.

  5. Igor: The Fresno is a earth scraper that is horse drawn. Wikipedia says the Fresno scraper was invented in 1883 by James Porteous. He worked with farmers in Fresno California to develop a tool to construct canals and ditches in sandy soil for irrigation.

    If you Google Fresno Scraper there are photos.

  6. Igor: I should have included in my previous comments that a Slip is another type of scraper, and there are photos on Google of a Slip Scraper also.

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