10 thoughts on “SE 3rd Avenue, 1898

  1. WOW! Love this photo, the hardworking horses, the good dogs & of course the brave firemen…woo-hoo!

  2. If you squint at the Street View, there’s a warehouse that kind of looks like it but it’s on the odd side of the street. Long gone or wrong address?

  3. The driveway / street is made from lumber. I have read that SE 3rd was once on the edge of the river before the area was filled out to the present shore line. Perhaps the lumber was used to construct a street over swampy ground?

  4. Schmamps: If you look above the far right station 7 bay the building address when the photo was taken was #42 before the renumbering, and the 4 story building on the other side of the street was built in 1911 with a address of #43-45, so the station 7 location is now the back of Office Depot building at SE MLK & Pine.

  5. Such a great photo. One ballet dancer, the tall guy in the middle who looks very familiar, two dogs, and a whippersnapper.

  6. ssssteven: Yes the 4 story building in your streetview was built in 1911, and had a old address of ( #43-45) 3rd and station 7 was on the opposite side of the street at ( #42) 3rd.

  7. At first glance, this photo appears to be just another fireman with their machines shot but once you take some time to study each of the people pictured here and get a gist of the people based on your own experiences, it’s really quite extraordinary.
    For instance, for fun, I looked at each of the horse handlers standing in the different building bays. Then I sought to answer the following question: which man enjoyed doing the job the most. I selected the man on the right. He appeared the most confident, and relax. The guy in the middle liked it just ok, he was tired of it. The fellow on the left is blurred, so, moving about, nervous.

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