14 thoughts on “Ross Island Bridge, 1926

  1. I think you’d be looking right into the Terwilliger/West hills woods if it was west, right?

  2. I believe this is the East side of the bridge, and the VP photo from April 7, 2020 has a closer shot of the shovel working, but the house that is being moved is out of frame. The VP photo from January 8, 2018 is at the same location but looking West, but was taken at a later date because the house movers have removed the house. The house to the left of the shovel today, and from April is above the horses in the 2018 photo that was taken looking West.

  3. There are lots of men in suits standing around with their hands in their pockets, that’s for sure.

  4. On the truck- Curtis Bros. House Movers. I’ll say again, To lift & move a house in that mucky terrain- INCREDIBLE!

  5. The Curtis Bros. House Mover are using a Mack truck. The iconic Mack Bulldog hood ornament was not used until 1932.

  6. It is the east side of the river, looking east at Mt. Tabor. The house on the right is 3004 SE 8Th.

  7. I looked up Dan’s 3004 SE 8th on a couple of Realtors’ sites, and the house is there — the roof line and the double pillar on the porch match the house on the right in our photo today. Just do a search for that address, and you can see it! (Its estimated sale price is over $400,000, although it’s not on the market now.)

  8. Yes, Liz C., I found the house @ 3004 SE 8th. That’s remarkable! Wonder how many generations of families have lived there in all the ensuing years? And that telephone pole; it’s still there too!

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