Help Us Out!

A group posing for a photograph near an alley entrance, 1966. This image comes from the Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program slides. Does anyone recognize the location?


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2010-003.4445.


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9 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. Many of the projects of the Albina Improvement league were around Unthank Park. I’d say this photo is somewhere very near that park.

  2. Oops, this may be a duplicate. I don’t know the location. But, I certainly recall the style–tight, pegged, high-water pants, black sneakers, white socks. I had one pair of pegged pants that were so tight I needed help getting them off for gym class.

  3. Found it! It’s the N Albina Ave Borthwick Ave. Alley and Failing St. – if you change years on street view you can find one with less foliage and make out the side of the house. The top three windows are now a little bay window but otherwise the other windows and electrical conduits all match up.

  4. Good shot of a group of friends. The camaraderie comes through in the photo. I hope these brothers have all had good lives and warm memories of their times together “back in the day.” Ryan, great job of identifying the location!

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