11 thoughts on “Clue

  1. Dang. That clue delay messed me up. Congrats Dennis. Was thinking SW Jefferson round about or at the train station.

  2. Congrats Dennis! I’m lucky enough to have one of those old Portland Traction Company (P.T. Co.) “Coach Stop” signs in my garage. Later ones were made with the (R.C.T. Co) Rose City Transit Company. Designation.

  3. It’s kind of hard to explain to your employer why you want to take your 15 minute break at exactly 2:00 PM

  4. Stood at that ‘coach stop’ transfer lots of time in the high school. I was volunteering at Providence Hospital and would go to and from our home at 27 and Brazee. This was the main transfer point. then I had several choices to transfer and or walk. Liked it when there were no stop signs at this circle, and love Joan of Arch statue too. (She’s a bit to gaudy now, with her gold covering.)

  5. Mike I was about to move on and do something else due to the late clue but took one more look, and the oldest traffic circle, or roundabout I could think of was this one. I can see how needing to take a brake right at 2 pm on Mon.-Wed.-Fri. could cause your employer to wonder what is Mike doing? Monday I’am guessing no clue for Memorial day, but have a safe and fun holiday weekend all Vintage Portland fans.

    Cynthia yes the Joan of Arc statue is somewhat gaudy covered in 24 carot gold leaf, but that is what it looked like when dedicated in 1925, and over the years the elements washed away the gold leaf, until it was restored in 2002. You may recall that the following year two boys ages 13 & 14 were arrested for covering Joan of Arc in black paint.

  6. This must be early in the morning as the kids look to be on their way to All Saints Catholic School?

  7. These kids are certainly demonstrating proper street-crossing behavior; of course, it’s the girl in the lead role. Watching for cars, holding hands, visible to drivers, it’s perfect.

  8. And ….. I do believe that’s a Studebaker Commander just in the back of the children. Worth quite a lot today, I believe.

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