4 thoughts on “Wolf Creek Highway, 1936

  1. This photograph was taken on a Thursday afternoon just about quitting time. The feelings on display here are “hurry up, let’s get these last loads on the truck and get out of here..” to “That’s it, finally I’m done, I’m bushed, one more day to go.”
    Looks like the truck on the right (parallel parked) was modified into a dump truck; as I can see pulleys behind the cab – perhaps they are all like that?
    Great shot though.

  2. Liz, this just looks like the same location a few weeks before the VP post you referenced. Look at those American workhorses. This is how a hillside was moved in 1936, line up 7 dump trucks and get 25 men with shovels. Cup of coffee, hydration and $3 a day was good pay!

  3. Great photo of vintage trucks and men at work. Lou, your interpretation is right on! Very interesting photo.

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