11 thoughts on “Cathedral Park, 1980

  1. That woman in the flapper getup holding the washtub & broom looks a wee bit overconfident wearing those shoes she has on, considering the walking surfaces in the park. She looks ready to have a good time and I hope she did. The boy hopping on his bike is pushing 50 now. Look at all the early style Toyota Corollas and the Honda Civic. I had a 1970 Corolla, it was a great little car. I remember all the American cars vehicles in the photo too (not made very well in those days).
    That discarded cabin cruiser in the background looks quite odd and is a hint that this scene is near water.

  2. In addition to the closer flapper outfit with the galvanized tub, right behind her walking up the path is another woman in another flapper outfit with another galvanized tub. Wondering what they are going to chill down?

  3. On May 2, 1980, The Oregonian ran a story on 71 titled “10-day fete to dedicate new park” with the following: Ten days of celebration will begin at noon Friday when the St. Johns Parade Daze Carnival will open in Cathedral Park under the east span of the St. Johns Bridge.

    The community schedule also will include the dedication of Cathedral Park at noon Saturday. … Neil Goldschmidt, U.S. Secretary of Transportation and Portland mayor during most of the eight years that North Portlanders planned Cathedral Park and watch it develop, will deliver the dedication address this Saturday.

    The afternoon’s entertainment will include the Fireboat 3 water show on the Willamette River, according to Sharon Rose, festival chairman.

    Scheduled at the new park’s amphitheater, she said, are the singing Sweet Adelines, the banjo-flavored music of Cliff Nelson and the Young Fellows. Also on hand will be tap dancers from the nearby Celia Burley School of Dance.

  4. Above these comment are 2 additional photos from this 1980 event, and the women with the wash tubs were part of a musical group called ” The Kitchen Kettle Kutties” who performed on stage.

  5. I love this picture. Makes me think of the work of Robert Frank or Henri Cartier-Bresson. The decisive moment for sure. I love the junkyard in the background.

  6. So much to see here. A legitimate witch. A kid from stranger things. A 7 foot tall man. a flying boat.

  7. My favorite part of this shot is the hopelessly undersized fence which is completely not hiding the apparent crash site of an Imperial Star Destroyer.

  8. There’s a lot going on in this interesting photo. Perhaps the flappers were brewin’ up some bath tub gin — a popular and apt drink for the Roaring Twenties! Love the photo!

  9. Damn.. that BMX bike.. appears to be Ashtabula cranks, gooseneck, bars, the frame ?? (no hole in the gusset) , perhaps Fuji forks.. 42/15 gear setup, knobby tires (Cheng Shin ??), the seat, Schwinn Scrambler ??.. total throwback regardless!!.. good ish’ to see.. that coulda’ easily been me………. easily!

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