9 thoughts on “SE Powell Boulevard, 1960

  1. every time a photo like this one is posted I look at and want those blue porcelain street signs.

  2. Is the street just dirty or is that gravel that may have been put down for a snow or ice storm? The trees haven’t leafed out, so it must be wintertime.

  3. I see them every now and the DJ– I own a few– there are 2 right now on craigslist but they are in bad shape and a little spendy.

  4. I know the underpass was built after 1966 I lived just south of Powell at 39th then and many times had to wait at 17th ave for the trains to clear Powell.

  5. Igor the 17th & Powell railroad underpass was a long process between all the players, The State of Oregon which had ownership of Powell Blvd (US 26), the City of Portland for city streets, and Southern Pacific Railroad’s right of way, and how and who was going to pay for the underpass. These issues delayed the start of construction to Friday May 19, 1972 (Oregonian May 20, 1972 page 1) and other delays including weather did not see the underpass open until March 17, 1975 (Oregonian March 18, 1975 page 15)

    VP had a aerial photo from 1965 during planning on October, 21, 2011

  6. As consolation to never owning an old porcelain city street sign, I can still see thousands of 1930s porcelain house numbers! When I lived in Berkeley,
    I missed inheriting one of their old 30s city street signs, in front of my house, when an automobile knocked it down.
    There’s a pretty good selection of vintage vehicles parked here. Also I like the old curbing/grass strip at the edge.

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