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  1. These are additional photos from of the ANIP picnic at Blue Lake park, other photos were posted February 4 & 28 this year.

  2. The older youths were certainly interfering with the younger kids being able to use their slide properly…slide overload. It looks like they’re all enjoying this moment, regardless.

  3. I’ve just been given permission by the VP moderator to post this off-topic information which I received on April 30 from PBOT, and which I know many of you will find interesting:

    “After over two years of planning and development, on Friday, May 1, 2020 South Portland will officially become the City of Roses’ sixth sextant. It is the first major readdressing effort in Portland since the Great Renaming of 1931 which created the current N, NE, NW, SE and SW Portland. … Over 6,000 Portland addresses, or 8% of the total, in the area of Southwest Portland east of SW Naito Parkway will change from Southwest to South.“

    There’s a very well-written amplification of this information at:

  4. The current numbering system has been in use for almost 100 years, you mean to tell people there was still confusion after all that time and that there was really a real need to waste a bunch of time and money on doing this. No real justification is given, how many lives have been put into jeopardy or lost? What are the facts? In the absence of facts, this just looks like another expensive local government whim.

  5. Lou, I submitted my post merely for the information of those of us who like to indulge in historical research about our community, but because you asked, here are excerpts of what that PBOT amplification says:

    “For decades, due to the eastward curvature in the Willamette River, addresses in Southwest Portland located east of SW Naito Parkway (and SW View Point Terrace in more southern Portland neighborhoods) have used a leading zero to differentiate them from addresses west of Naito Parkway. A leading zero address is a property address that starts with a zero. These addresses make wayfinding difficult for delivery drivers and, most importantly, first responders to locate and easily navigate to leading zero properties.”

    “The May 1, 2020 address change date was established by City Council and was reconfirmed after consultation with health care partners in the community to prioritize emergency response through improved wayfinding. PBOT has collaborated and communicated closely with health care providers in the future South Portland Addressing Area for over two years in preparation for this addressing change. This address change is especially important in our current public health state of emergency.”

    “OHSU recognizes that the current address system can slow emergency response. Faster response by paramedics means more lives saved in our emergency department when seconds count. OHSU applauds the city for taking this step,” said Skai Dancey, Associate VP, Facilities, OHSU.”

    “PBOT and Portland Fire & Rescue provided hands on leadership, spending hours working with our neighborhood association and listening and answering residents’ questions,” said Maryellen Read, a Collins View resident. “This project was a wonderful demonstration of recognizing that each neighborhood has its own unique demographic and geographic challenges and working to address them.”

  6. Am I the only one who notices that almost every time a photo of black people is posted, it gets something like 3 stars? Why is that?

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