16 thoughts on “Junior Patrol Baseball Team, 1970

  1. Wonder what the girls of the neighborhood were doing that day?

    Another thought —- these boys would by now have reached the “Okay, Boomer!” stage of life (as have I). 1970 just doesn’t seem that long ago!

  2. Whenever I see these pictures of kids and families doing activities from the 50s into the 70s I’m always impressed with how much things have changed in our society, and not always in a good way. The pictures have shown us LOTS of outdoor events which adults and kids of all races took part in, sometimes all together. These kids happen to be African American but I love how people could literally relax and be casual – outside, on the grass, taking it easy. No “social distancing “ which we all tend to do now, with or without a quarantine. When did we get to be so afraid to be near another person? Teachers can’t hug kids anymore, etc. We’ve let fear of perversion dominate all our interactions and the human closeness we once had is lost. More’s the pity.

  3. Hi, Debby — Before the “stay at home” orders went out, I regularly attended water aerobics classes at the Matt Dishman Community Center in NE Portland, where we had a very friendly, healthy mix of races and ages exercising together. (The Center is named after the first African-American deputy sheriff in Multnomah County.) There was plenty of casual conversation and care for one another between classes, as well. Thankfully, there ARE places like that here in this city where human closeness still exists, and I’m looking forward to getting back to it as soon as the orders are lifted.

  4. This is a nice photograph, but I kinda get the feeling from the adult seated near the players that he was feeling somewhat encroached upon by the photographer. I see one kid is sporting a pair of Addidas (3 bar) athletic shoes which would steadily gain market share over Converse high-tops in the coming years. There’s also a guy riding an old school skateboard behind the swings. I remember my days of playing baseball (1961-1965) as a kid, mostly good memories.

  5. I enjoy these old pictures of Albina but the last 30 years haven’t been kind to this area. The gentrification and resultant displacement of African American residents from their inner city community and cultural center to East county Portland is a sad chapter in Portland’s history. The real Albina is being erased.

  6. Love the kid sitting on the crossbar of the swings.

    I wonder what park this is and if it (or any of these houses) still exists.

  7. This is Unthank Park looking north. You can see down Commercial Ave. on the left. The area is a baseball field now but from the satellite view you can still see the impression on the circular playground in the grass.

  8. Team sports are very important for a lot of young boys and girls. My 10 year old grandson is having a very hard time without basketball, which was his entire life. And the good news is that youth basketball in Portland (and probably everywhere else) is completely integrated, and the mix of ethnic backgrounds is wonderful to see, as is the way the kids think nothing of it. Those of us who are older know that this was a long time coming.

  9. Susan, I couldn’t agree more. Well said! And, Oh how I miss live baseball right now! Love looking at this photo.

  10. It looks like their uniforms say “Allen Temple.” I wonder if anyone there could identify any of the subjects.

  11. Great to know that Allen Temple was sponsoring a baseball team 50 years ago. But then I’m not surprised since this CME church/community has been around for more than 100 years. Keep up the Good Work!

  12. Ted Wheeler, I’m not sure why you felt the need to make that comment. Maybe think about deleting, as it doesn’t seem as if you mean it in a good way.

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