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  1. Milk cans at the curb for pickup. My grandfather milked cows in far eastern Oregon and they placed the cans at the road side for pickup many years ago.

  2. Mike, I searched creamery, creameries, dairy, butter, buttery, farm, and even number man and didn’t find it. Dennis — how did you do it?!!

    I will say it was fun to look through the results of the farm and number man searches, though!

  3. Liz: When you searched “Number Man” the VP post on 7/21/14 talked about the number man standing in front of properties that would be impacted by public works projects such as the widening of Union Ave from NE Going to SE Lincoln which is about 3-4 miles, and most all the number man photos seem to be from 1929, so I searched “Union Ave. 1929” and as I scrolled I knew to look at the curbside for milk cans, and there the were on the 3rd page I recall.

  4. I did the –number man –butter– milk –searches too Liz. Nothing. I thought Dennis had used creamery but that was not the case. You are right though searching number man sure brings up some great posts. I hope the clue Monday is a bit easier. I keep hoping that I’ll just recognize the part of a photo from the clue just from memory but I doubt that will happen. Maybe a part of a map clue will happen soon. Have enjoyed all of the maps on efiles and on this site. ( Hint hint)

  5. Liz & Mike The name or names of the number man or men is likely to remain a mystery as I searched the 1929 Oregonian archives and found nothing, but what I did find is that 1929 was the year when Portland started a large street widening program. In November 1928 Portland voters approve a $3,170,000 ($47,500,000 in 2020 ) bond measure to ease traffic congestion on Portland streets. The number man was out there getting photographic documentation of the properties that would be impacted by these widening projects. These street widening projects approved by Portland voters in 1928 we still drive on today, and here are some of the projects. Union Ave. from Going st. to Division st. NE Broadway from Union ave. to Sandy Blvd. East Burnside from Union ave. to 32nd ave. and W Burnside from 3rd to Park ave. and others not named. Also the Armour creamery building in the photo is still there, but the buildings on both sides of Union ave. lost 10 feet off the front, so it looks nothing like the photo. The buildings in the photo are on the West side of Union ave. (MLK) between Russell & Knott. VP has photo from February 24, 2013 showing the building that was Fischel’s Furniture on the East end of the Burnside bridge being trimmed back for Union ave. street widening.

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