7 thoughts on “Westmoreland Park, 1946

  1. Be sure to link to the “Related” VP entry titled “Westmoreland Park, 1946” — it shows another group of bowlers, with women watching them. Embedded in the comments there is a video of the construction of the park, which was a WPA project in the 1930’s.

  2. Oh my gosh, there was once a Bocce Ballfield in Westmoreland Park; I once lived near here and I would have loved it if people would have still been doing this back in 2006. Things come and go. Bocce Ball is great fun, I’ve played in New Orleans (2015) and in Shrewsbury, UK (1990) – it’s a great way to socialize on a nice day. This is a nicely compose action shot – bravo! to the photographer.

  3. Actually, I’m totally mistaken. There still is a Portland Petanque Club still functioning in Westmoreland, at the North end of the Park and there are corporate and group teams that play there. Please visit pdxpatanque.org/ for information. They allow interested people to try it all out for free and they provide the equipment.
    Petangue, pronounced “pay-tonk” is one of Europe’s most popular outdoor games, is a cousin of both horseshoes and of the Italian “bocce” ball.

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