18 thoughts on “Powell Butte, circa 1960

  1. After looking more closely that is the Springwater Line on the south side of the butte and not SE Foster. SE Foster is out of frame.

  2. It was pasture for Meadowland Dairy’s cows and horses. My friends and I used to sneak in there and ride our horses. It was a great place to ride!

  3. We used to hike up the RR tracks (Springwater Corridor) from 136th Ave and walk the trails on the south side of Powell Butte. When it snowed, we would ride the sleds down the hill. In the summer, we played baseball at Meadowland Dairy. The butte was like a big playground. When the dairy closed and the 11 acre baseball park was sold off, it was a big loss for the community. Hasn’t been the same since.

  4. Went to school at nearby Gilbert Heights Elementary school. In 6th grade we went for a hike there for earth day. We used to call it Wilson hill.

  5. Bob yes the apple and pear orchard on Powell Butte is now the summit orchard picnic area. The City of Portland bought a portion of Powell Butte in 1925, and the balance of the Butte in the 1970’s. The base of Powell Butte was once the location of the short lived town of Kronenberg, Oregon in the late 19th century, and Powell Butte was called Camp Butte. Other details can be found at pdxphotoblog.com/kronenberg

  6. This is a correction to my post of a few minutes ago. Additional details are at pnwphotoblog.com/kronenberg

  7. For those who lived in the area and called it Wilson hill here the back story on that name from wiki ” In 1925, the Portland city government bought the land encompassing Powell Butte from George Wilson with the intent to use it for water reservoirs. They leased the northeastern part of the land to farmer Henry Anderegg, who owned and operated the Meadowland Crest Dairy until 1948. “

  8. mike: Yep, we referred to it as Wilson Hill too. I was wondering why it was called that. TY. We used to walk the tracks all the way down to the trestle where it crossed Johnson Creek, then turn around and go back. Then we’d stop at Bellrose store for a soda, etc. Pretty close to that movie, Stand By Me.

  9. I grew up very close to you Edge Lord. We went down to where the Springwater Line crossed SE 128th to play in what we called ” The Swamp” actually just some standing water by the tracks.

  10. Mike: Yes. After school (Gilbert Park), we’d cut through the church and head down the trails to the swamp next to the RR tracks. Spent a lot of time chasing frogs and tadpoles down there. Several houses on SE Ramona Street had pastures with horses and it was really beautiful back then.
    Good times.

  11. I grew up in that area attending Lynchview grade school & Centennial HS. We would run around the whole butte spending some much fun times there as a kid. In the late 70’s I dove the District 10 fire department jeep up on the butte doing fire patrol watch.

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