7 thoughts on “Willamette Park, 1956

  1. I’m not sure about the far south end of the park which is where this photo was taken from but closer to the boat ramp you can tell that at one time this area was used as a construction land fill because at the shoreline there you see concrete blocks metal etc where the formerly marshy area was filled in.

  2. My dad’s family lived in Fulton (not yet called John’s Landing – except for the place next to the B.P. John furniture factory) since 1905. My great grandfather moved his sash/door and box factory up from Corvallis. The river still flooded unpredictably and that low ground was constantly being changed. My dad and his pals built their own amusement park down there with treetop swings and skylines. The neighbors thought it was too dangerous so the police came and tore it down.

  3. I am surprised to see a steamboat upriver as late as 1956. It might be a crane or pile driver or dredge and not a tug.

  4. Steam Tug PORTLAND worked on the river until 1981. She’s still operational for tours and houses the Maritime Museum at the sea wall.

  5. I was told when I started working the river back in the ’90’s, that the little rocks around the big rock on the Williamette park side was referred to as “HEN & CHICKEN’S”..It is used by river people for judging river heights.

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