9 thoughts on “NW Pettygrove Street, 1973

  1. With all of the changes in that neighborhood it’s hard to place the cross street. This is looking east on NW Pettygrove towards the ramps of I-405. Lloyd District towers across the river in the distance. Taken somewhere around NW 18th or so.

  2. Based on the perspective of the elevated portions of the I-405, I would say the rail car is on NW 18th. Ave.

  3. The old United Railways freight tracks from the NW Industrial District turned east onto Pettygrove from NW 22nd. This boxcar is in the middle of that turn. The buildings on both the NE and SE corners of the intersection are still there.

  4. Tim W. is right. You can see Joe’s Cellar one block down on the right. It still has the same paint color.

  5. Tim W. has the correct location. Looking at mid 70’s aerial photos of this intersection railroad tracks make the turn ask as indicated, and view of I-405 matches. Has anyone else noticed the man riding the back of the green boxcar.

  6. Great view of street running by the Portland Terminal Railway. Yes, the switchman is the lookout; car probably being pushed by one of the PTRRs old Baldwin or ALCO switchers long gone…

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