8 thoughts on “Forest Park, circa 1939

  1. That is the BNSF swing span rail road bridge at the bottom of the photo. Portland Gas and Cokes Gasco plant is also visible there at the bottom of the photo.

  2. I wonder if this photo was taken after 1940. From Skyline neighborhood association ” In August 1940, 1000 acres burned south of Saltzman and east of Skyline. The winds were out of the northwest. ” Hard to tell but maybe this was a post fire photo.

  3. @Mike, Pretty sure you got it. I was wondering why the trees looked so sparse but not particularly in a “logged” fashion.

  4. Interesting to note the original route of NW Front Ave as it approaches the BN RR bridge from the south and terminates at a couple of large docks near where Wacker Siltronic is today.

  5. Mike the 1940 fire was called the Bonny Slope fire, and the Oregonian has coverage on the fire in their archive starting about August 17,1940, and the last Forest Park fire was in August 1951, and I think it was called the Burma Rd fire.

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