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  1. yes, I see it , but is it the ‘answer’, it’s hasn’t any thumbs u Are you absolutely sure.

  2. @mike – you definitely got it. I suggest, rather than just posting the date, you also post a link to the photo.

  3. Back in the days of Portland’s lost beauty… and yes, that is a gorgeous truck. What was the Wizard of Odds?

  4. This was on the corner of NW 21st and BURNSIDE. site of a later tavern called Henry the 8th. Anyone have a picture of that tavern?

  5. @mike. To post a photo from a previous VintagePortland first click on the photo in the blog then copy the photo’s link (“right click – copy” works). Then paste it in the reply box on the page where you are commenting. I have only made this work from VintagePortland photo-links. Others have posted photos from other sources but I don’t know how they do that.

  6. I lived in this neighborhood a while back and all I can say is what a loss this building and its businesses are to the area. This is a “dead zone” corner now with a small brick structure housing a State Farm Agent. This area has been overly redeveloped with retail centers in my opinion which ties up traffic in all directions – it’s always a mess. Parking is so limited that a bank building (another dead zone) has been sitting vacant on the NW corner for many years; Graffiti is constantly being removed from it despite the fact that it’s been fenced off.

  7. Lou, the graffiti is possibly an attempt to add some “interest” to an otherwise drab, dead zone. A number of “redeveloped” neighborhoods around Portland seem to share that quality.

  8. This location has 6 different photos on Vintage Portland. From 1952/53 December 15-16-17, 2009 and from 1913 July 13-14-15, 2011

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