10 thoughts on “Peninsula School Health Program, 1952

  1. I remember lining up and getting the polio vaccine shots at Laurelhurst School. But it was later than 1952, as I recall.

  2. This is such an interesting photo. Why is the table up on blocks? What is that little “table” that she is resting her elbow on? What about the amazing architecture of the bleachers(?), looks more like a church than a school. And remember when every school had an actual full time school nurse? The little girl’s purse. And what about that piece of paper belted on to the girl? And of course the look on her face – that is all of us getting a shot! But what vaccine is this in 1952?

  3. I wonder if the vaccine was for smallpox, as vaccines for that had been available for a long time before 1952. Or is it possible that the vaccine was for polio, and that the photo is mis-dated? It looks like polio vaccines were not approved here in the USA until the mid-1950’s.

    Remember how big and painful those hypodermic needles used to be? I was so surprised decades later when “shots” weren’t so terribly painful anymore — I first thought it was due to the skill of the provider, but it was the size and sharpness of the modern needles that changed.

  4. ‘tough guy’ there on left… wonder how long that facade lasted.
    could these be tb shots?
    table is up on blocks likely due to it being for little kids, and grownups needing to sit at it.

  5. This was the original school that was replaced by what is there now. Only the gym remained, but Craig said they tore that down a few months ago. There’s a photo of the original art deco style school on VP but I’m not sure how to post it here. Maybe someone else does? It was a great building. Peninsula School, 1945 POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 BY VINTAGE PORTLAND

  6. What a coincidence, the gentleman administering the shot to the girl looks like my father-in-law. The photo sure conforms to the old gender stereotypes of the “whinny girl” & “The brave soldier.”

  7. Susan–I’ve been in several old gyms with bleachers like those. They look nice, but they’re a safety nightmare. Hence the fire marshall doesn’t allow people to use them.

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