15 thoughts on “SW Multnomah Boulevard, 1969

  1. That snowfall in January 1969 is one of the biggest on record in Portland. There hasn’t been a larger one in the 50 years since.

  2. Bill — when my parents moved our family from Michigan to California in the late 1950’s we had next-door neighbors who kept trying to GIVE us avocados. We (like many midwestern transplants) didn’t know what they were and kept politely saying, “no thanks.” I’ve thought of that many times in the past couple of years!

  3. This is a very familiar sight from my childhood — the backs of all those buildings as you sped along Multnomah Blvd. There’s John’s Market! I recall being in a parade in Multnomah Village around 1960 (I played trombone), and we gathered in the market’s parking lot to form the parade and then headed up the hill to parade down Multnomah’s main drag — S.W. Capitol Hwy. BTW, it wasn’t called the Village back then, just Multnomah. Also, the Hillsdale Library was originally (early 1950s) located in Multnomah in a small storefront next to a state liquor store and across from a cleaners. Very cramped, but lots of good books.

  4. I too remember the great snowfall. For the first and only time in history, I put tire chains on our VW Van.

  5. love those old street lights HPS orange glow !! now are crappy withe led lights don’t do a good enough job for me wish they would put them back !

  6. just a few weeks ago the city replaced almost all the high pressure sodium street lights on i84 free way 102nd all the way to downtown portland LOL II don’t like this at all no more warm cozy orange glow all cold white lights now ! PLZ rate and comment
    if you agree with me !! have a great 2021 stay safe portland

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