8 thoughts on “Lents Park, 1971

  1. Cool photo but I thought the contest started today? Maybe there will be photo contest posting later today.

  2. I count 3 guitars, bass and drums + 8 vocalists. That must have been some kind of powerful sound.
    They look like they’re having fun. Would love to see their set list.

  3. This fine photograph was taken before a large swath of the Lents neighborhood was cleared for the construction of I-205. A friend of mine grew up in this area and he told me stories of the disruptive impact this had on this community. Progress always comes at a price.

  4. Minis, midis, maxies – this group has it all! I love the mix of young hippies with older folkies. Idealism transpires all group distinctions. And the kids are actually paying attention. Fantastic!

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