12 thoughts on “Clue

  1. there should be a scheduled time for the release of the clue picture so that one doesn’t have to keep checking in all of the time

  2. Yes, Dan, you’re correct! View across the Willamette from under St. John’s Bridge in 1937. From the west side of the river over to the east side. Good catch!

  3. I guess the park would be Cathedral Park, which is across the river from this view in St. John’s. It’s under the bridge and not too visible in this photo, which as Dan points out was featured in this blog on Aug. 28, 2013. Did the park even exist then?

  4. What are the three tapering towers? Across the river power lines? I can’t make out lines though..

  5. Im glad they eventually created Cathedral park. Much nicer rec. area and tribute to this classic Portland bridge.

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