N Kerby Avenue, 1961

Street view of Albina Neighborhood Improvement Information Center (ANIIC), 1961. The Center was located at 3726 N Kerby Avenue.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2010-003.4075.


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12 thoughts on “N Kerby Avenue, 1961

  1. Liz C: The halloween party looks as if it may have been in a church basement due to the window height, and all the coat hooks around the perimeter of the large room.

  2. Hey Hoot, we had a pass-me-down car from each sibling as we got our drivers license.
    It was a 53 Oldsmobile Delta 88, like the one pictured. Our was green with a white top. Too bad my father sold it off after the last sibling left home. The 53 Olds was my dad’s original car. Got him through the move from La Grande, Or.

  3. Hi, Dennis — the caption for the Halloween Party says: Albina Neighborhood Improvement Center Halloween party, circa 1963. That’s why I think it’s in the Center…. Do you think the “members” of the Center had their party outside the building in a different one?

  4. Laura. the first Oldsmobile Delta 88 was in the 1965 model year. For 1953 Oldsmobile had Deluxe 88 and Super 88.

  5. Hi Liz— What makes me think that this is a church basement is that it is so reminiscent of church dinners, and other functions in the basement of my church when I was younger. The window height is the same that my church basement had and there are other things that cause me to question the party being in this house. If you Google the address of house that was the neighborhood center 3726 N. Kerby Realtor.com has interior photos of the house from the listing when it sold last year, and the windows are very low, and the basement is unfinished with a low ceiling. In addition VP has photos of the Albina kids on the steps of New Hope Church located at 3725 N Gantenbein on 2/2/20 and if you look a a current streetview you will see the basement church windows how close to the ground they are. I’am not saying that the party was at New Hope Church but I think it could have been at a church.

  6. Liz C: On 2/4/20 and 2/28 /20 the VP photo shows the Albina neighborhood kids at a picnic they had at Blue lake park, and the bus that transported them is a church bus, so I think that a church would has gladly hosted a party for the kids.

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