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  1. This is not the end of the world but I would like to gripe about the tiny targets that denied a deserved upvote for pointing out the backwards scan.

  2. You’re right. Why do we “vote” on remarks anyway? Vote on the top – that’s good enough. Do we have to have an opinion about everything??

  3. @Debby. Why do we vote? I’ll refer you to any number of bigoted comments when the subject of the photo includes people of color.

  4. Now that all the other issues are resolved. Do we know what occasion Mayor Mildred Schwab was speaking on. She served two terms, what years were those and what is she best known for besides a great mind.

  5. Cynthia : Commissioner Mildred Schwab was one of the speakers at the dedication of Cathedral Park on May 3, 1980, and the poster on the front of the podium was from that event. She was a commissioner from 12/29/73 until 1/9/87

  6. According to Wikipedia, Mildred Schwab was born in Portland in 1917 and grew up in the northeastern section of the city. After attending Grant High School and the Northwestern School of Business, she received a law degree from Northwestern College of Law. In 1971, she organized a successful sit-in at Perkins’ Pub, demanding that the men’s only establishment admit women. She was appointed to the Portland City Council in 1972 and served as a city commissioner from 1973 to 1986.

    An article titled “Council’s team approaches goal setting” published in The Oregonian on December 4, 1987 (pp. B1 and 2), “…goal-setting sessions never could have taken place with former Commissioner Mildred Schwab on the council. Popular outside of City Hall, inside the building Schwab was considered a mosquito with a political following, feared for her personal clout with the voters.”

    Back to Wikipedia’s biography of her — she won reelection three times. Curiously, the article states her date of death as “circa” January 13, 1999, and I have not been able to find an obituary for her.

  7. I don’t have anything to say about the politicians shown here, but the thumbs up and thumb down thing can be most baffling at times. There have been times when I anticipated someone possibly giving me a thumbs down and I don’t get any, then, there’s been times when I get one and I think, “Hmm, what the heck?” I don’t pay much attention to it anyway as one can never anticipate how anyone’s going to react to anything, these days.

  8. Somewhere a photo exists of Mildred Schwab playing electric piano during an impromptu jam session out in front of KBOO FM radio in the 70s.

  9. Charles Amato; If you go to the website ” Stumptownblogger ” in their archive area for June 2017 you will find the photo of Mildred Schwab playing the electric piano outside the KBOO studio on SE Belmont in 1976. The photo was posted on June 22,2017

  10. Here is a clarification to Mildred Schwab’s service on the Portland city council. Mildred was appointed to fill the council seat held by newly elected Mayor Neil Goldschmidt, and was sworn in on Friday 12/29/1972 by her brother Chief Judge Herbert Schwab of the Oregon Court of Appeals (Oregonian 12/30/72 p. 21) Goldschmidt was sworn in as Mayor on 12/31/1972 at 3 pm. Mildred Schwab did not run for reelection and Earl Blumenauer was sworn in on 1/5/1987 to fill her council seat.

  11. Hi, Lou L-P . You mentioned you are a musician & I wondered if you used Peavy amplifiers.?!!? It was my first guitar amp in ’78.

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