10 thoughts on “Civil Rights March, 1965

  1. This location is around 14 SW 3rd Ave, just beyond The Paris Theatre, so it was taken in the afternoon; probably on a Sunday judging with the way people are dressed.

  2. Lou L-P: Beth has left a link to the 2/13/2020 photo. My comments on that day place the marchers on SW Broadway, not on 3rd as the head to the Federal Courthouse at the corner of SW Broadway & Main. The information for my comments come from stories published in the Oregonian in March of 1965.

  3. I remember that location. Just above them on the right was the massive “Broadway” sign. Spelled out in fancy, cursive neon letters.

  4. Who’s the white guy hidden by the sign, with the wave of the hair I presume that he may be Jewish. A lot joined the civil rights movement in Portland and around the country.

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