17 thoughts on “SW Park Avenue, 1969

  1. As you can see from the sign on the right it was still Portland State College at this time. Later in the year it became PSU. That’s Shattuck Hall there on the right. A former grade school. Next building north is Neuberger hall which was recently gutted in a 70 million dollar project. It has a new name. Fariborz Maseeh Hall.

  2. During the 60’s, the Rose Festival Fun Center was in the park blocks and spilled onto the field of the school. Great memories: the swimming pool, Bianca’s delicatessen, Shattuck Shenanigans and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

  3. This photo elicits lots of memories! I learned to swim in the Shattuck School and Neighborhood House swim pools. When Shattuck became part of Portland State College we occasionally went to artsy foreign films in the auditorium.

  4. It’s great hearing about everyone’s memories of this area. I didn’t arrive in Portland till 2005.
    What caught my eye was that sweet 1960 VW bug in the foreground and coincidently, it’s funny that all the cars that are moving on the street and easily identifiable are Volkswagons – two “bugs” and a Karmann Ghia.

  5. I went to Shattuck School for kindergarten and first grade. Once I hit my chin on the edge of the swimming pool — They put a bandaid on it, sent me out to the bus stop on the corner, and I rode the bus home. Then my mom took me to the ER and I had eight stitches. Wow. Times have changed.

  6. The sign says PCC. That’s Portland Community College. Shattuck hadn’t become part of PSC then. But yes, on Feb 14, 1969, PSC became PSU. I remember because I got to write the Vanguard story for the event.

  7. This photo is looking north toward downtown.Isn’t Shattuck on the west side of SW Park? Shouldn’t it appear on the left hand side of the photo when looking north. I can’t get the perspective. Am I losing my mind? Ha!

  8. If it was Portland State College, the sign on the right is misspelled because it says “PCC Parking Only” not “PSC Parking Only”. It made me wonder if it’s possible that Portland Community College used a building down there at the time.

    *First time commenting, long time daily viewer.

  9. 1963-1964? I can remember going over to Neuberger Hall? and using headphones to listen to foreign language tapes. I was in fourth grade. Crazy to think I wandered around like that. Bianca’s Fountain that was on the corner of Hall and Broadway (now Neuberger) was one of our first opportunities to use money. After school we would buy candy and ice cream. My older brother said she would spot him if he didn’t have enough money.

  10. this is how the street looked when I was at PSC in 1969. The Shattuck grade school latter became Portland Community College and is where the classes were held before the Sylvania campus opened.

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