14 thoughts on “SE 3rd Avenue, 1952

  1. doesn’t look like ‘junk’ so much as a parking lot for construction equipment… was the property still owned by a gas company then?
    interesting that the old heideleberg beer sign is painted on the reverse of the billboard – was it the same on both sides? wonder how many of those monstrosities came down in the columbus day storm.

  2. It looks to me like this is actually SE 2nd and SE Ankeny. It is a parking lot today. I have wondered about the brick building in the background for years. Wondering if it is just a storage building or if it is rented out for living space? The bill boards seem only to addressing that building.

  3. Vlad: rest assured it is the block that Fishel’s stood on. Just as a guess, the missing building in the far background probably came down whenever the east approach of the Burnside Bridge was redone, and stands roughly where the Yard building does today:

  4. Wow. Interesting. That ’63 photo of the Burnside and the eastbound traffic. Even back then it was heavy. Great photo and one to keep. Thanks Schmamps.

  5. at the time of the burnside bridge photo– in the evening those center lanes were east bound– west bound in the mornings

  6. Vlad: The building with the Heidelburg sign on the roof is the former Bridgeport Hotel (239 E. Burnside) that was just West of the former Baloney Joe’s men’s homeless shelter. I don’t know when it was built but I read comments that it was occupied by drunken sailors, and warehouse men. It burned at least once, and sat vacant for several years, and attracted drug users, and conditions in and around the building that were unsanitary. In the 1980’s it was purchased by a developer with in intention to convert it to office space and apartments I believe, but stalled out and sat vacant for several more years with 4 additional floors of steel framing exposed to the weather and rusting. The city ordered the building demolished approx. 1990 or 1991 and today it is the site of The Yard located at 33 NE 3rd. The VP photo from 8/3/2010 shows it from the Burnside Bridge in 1940

  7. Used to be a Gasometer located there.
    I wonder if its brownfield soil so nothing has been built on it.
    (I’ve not visited that part of town a couple years.. Maybe something is there now?)

  8. Mikkke a lot has changed on this property on the corner of East Burnside & MLK. For the last couple of years construction has been taking place on a building called “5 MLK”. From the 5 MLK website this is going to be a 17 story mixed use building that will have 220 apartments, 120,000 sq. ft. of office space, and 15,000 sq. ft. of retail.

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