12 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1965

  1. The radical, turbulent sixties were just getting underway here. This photo looks to be in poor condition for its age. The boy in the front reminds me of myself (he’s a bit younger) talking to cute “chicks” from an early age.

  2. This group of marchers is traveling South on SW Broadway, as they pass the former Broadway Theater (1008 SW Broadway) which was showing the films on the marquee “The Rounders” and “Parade of Comedy” in March 1965.

  3. I had just left Portland for San Francisco, university, the Free Speech Movement, the Anti-Vietnam War years . . . the times they were a’changing! I can see Portland was changing too. That’s good!

  4. Thankfully, we were also changing our dress code, skirts were on their way out, especially for casual situations.

  5. not much has changed in portland since then. to wit: west linn police department which i’m sure is not an anomaly… i’m sure most of the police in the metro area support and endorse the actions of those cops (as do many of the commenters on this site) and can’t comprehend why people might be outraged.

  6. A decent looking bunch of folks. Apparently assembled to make a statement to socieity.
    Unlike nowdays, its done by masked hooligans threating and harming people, destroying property.
    ‘Gotta love Portland, Keeping it weird…

  7. Portland had 2 marches to protest the violence in Selma Alabama. The 1st was on Friday March 12, 1965 when 400 people gathered at the Teddy Roosevelt statue in the South Park blocks and marched to the Gus Solomon Federal Courthouse at 620 SW Main. The 2nd march was two days later on Sunday March 14, 1965 when 1,300 people marched 2.8 miles from Dawson Park in North Portland. The marchers route took them South on William’s Ave to N Broadway and across the Broadway Bridge, and South on Broadway to the Gus Solomon Courthouse. Today’s photo would be 1 block from the courthouse.

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