12 thoughts on “The Junior Patrol and the Beaverton Boy Scouts, 1968

  1. This is a group of boys from the Albina Neighborhood Improvement Project Junior Patrol visiting Beaverton Cub Scouts in May 1968.

  2. Good photo of Cub Scouts and Junior Patrol boys. Maybe they’re planning their next camp-out up at Lacamas Lake. Brings back lots of happy memories!

  3. The fellow front and center (of course) is very stylish. The kid at top right may be photobombing with a hand gesture.

    In cub scouts I remember there was a total uniform you could get that included the official pants. No one got those. Like these kids, we wore jeans along with our cub shirts and bandanas.

  4. I was a Cub Scout in San Diego 1960-62 and everyone wore the complete uniform down there. I found Boy Scouts much more enjoyable. I’m appreciative of all the work the den mothers put into finding stuff for us to do (crafty projects like alphabet macaroni, glue, and construction paper) but, it was pretty boring for the most part.

  5. This brings back memories of my old Cub Scout
    Uniform around 1976. We had lots of fun in scouting . Does anyone remember when Linda Ronstadt performed wearing a Cub Scout uniform?!?

  6. Billy Linda Ronstadt started performing on stage in a Cub Scout uniform in September 1977. If you Google this topic there are photos and stories.

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