9 thoughts on “SW Woods Street, 1932

  1. That’s a really good look at that statue thing. I wonder what that thing was for. Just a plaque base to commemorate the opening of the Ross Island bridge?

  2. I think this is just a ornate traffic island with lighting to illuminate the intersection on the West end of the Ross Island bridge. The plaque that is attached reads “Keep Right”.

  3. It’s a roundabout! Too bad the City didn’t adopt this efficient traffic device in more locations. And it was sure a lot easier to get on the Ross Island Bridge in 1932.

  4. Good find, Igor. Does anyone think that the photo linked to above at: “Related
    Ross Island Bridge Approach, 1932” shows the same set of three houses we see in today’s photo on the far left? I do. In the linked photo, they are in the middle of the picture.

  5. Hello. I was curious as to how to contribute a photo to share on “Vintage Portland “. I have a wonderful picture of my mother and her three big brothers (in their baseball uniforms) taken in about 1918 or so. It is set in their side yard on the corner of N. Williams and Wygant. My mother is about six and her brothers are about 9, 11 and 12. My grandfather’s garden is visible as well as a spring rocking horse. Their home is long gone but wondered if anything else of the neighborhood remains. I don’t live in Portland but was born and raised there so love to see all the old pictures. Catherine Burke

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  6. Hello Catherine, I just accidentally gave you a thumbs down (typing on my phone. ) Your photo sounds wonderful and it would be great if you could post it here. I believe the images posted on this site are from the City archive. Hope you can find a way to get your image posted!

  7. Catherine, what you want to do CAN be done; other VP readers have done it. I’m going to repeat here something I wrote on January 24, in hopes that the moderator will help us out. VP readers indicated that they agreed with me.

    — I wish the moderator would establish a “how to” page with the directions for doing things like embedding photos. It could be linked to from any day’s post, and we’d all have a better chance at contributing more than words and links.

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