5 thoughts on “SW Multnomah Boulevard, 1969

  1. I grew up in Burlingame. This was the same year my sister graduated from high school. Those were great times.

  2. I’m certainly glad we haven’t seen a snowy scene like this play out so far this winter.
    That car headed for the camera was an old-timer even at the time of this photo. It looks like a 1939 Pontiac coupe with a heavy bumper.

  3. I’m surprised so little has changed. This can’t be long after the Oregon Electric tracks were pulled up. A previous poster mentioned that John’s Market on the left is on the location of the former Multnomah village station

  4. My old stomping grounds as a kid. I grew up about a half mile south and was allowed to bike to Multnomah. (No “Village” in those days.) The Oregon Electric was long gone after the mid-1930’s. John’s Market moved down from Capitol Highway in 1958. I was there for the grand opening and got to talk on the radio. Kalesse’s Garage (on the right) was an old fashioned family operation. Erwin Kalesse was the owner. His wife was descended from the Raz and Frutiger families, old time Hillsdale pioneer families. The white building just east of John’s Market housed Trapp’s Bakery in the 1960’s. Also Mr. Roy’s TV and radio repair.

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