12 thoughts on “Delta Park, 1972

  1. The building in the background is the last remaining structure in Vanport. (Most sources erroneously report everything is gone.) It was a commercial center, now used by the parks department.

  2. The free concerts – and even the low cost concerts – at Delta Park were so much fun! I may have been to this one, even.

  3. MK…Good eyes. The cat on the left is about 20 years ahead of the times on short pants lengths. A lot of these concerts were sponsored by Rainier beer, hence the name “Rainier sun bust” I can remember Bachman turner overdrive, Charlie Musclewhite, Notary Sojack playing there among others.

  4. Many thanks to the folks who shared their memories of these gigs. In my mind Music, is America’s greatest cultural heritage.

  5. David J— Yes Rainier Sunbust were free concerts at Delta Park on 4 Sundays in 1972. The concert dates were 7/2–7/23–8/13–8/23 were sponsored by Rainier Brewing, KISN Radio, and the Portland Parks Bureau, this group “Shades of Brown” is not shown in ads, but they did list the group “Brown Sugar”

  6. Speaking of KISN 910AM radio, I recall a billboard you would see as you are driving from the airport returning to 82nd St. that said, “Welcome Back, We’ve been KISN your wife when you were gone,” or something like that. I also recall listening to “Uncle” Don Wright each morning before going to school.

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