12 thoughts on “SW 4th Avenue, 1976

  1. The PGE building in the background looks very odd till you zoom in. The angle of the sun and the color of the building really washes out one side of the building.

  2. Here are the buildings in the background, which are on SW Morrison and SW Third, which means the photo was taken on SW Morrison and SW Fourth looking SE:

  3. That Toyota Corolla waiting for the pedestrian to cross the street, to make a turn, shows how rapidly their cars developed in sophistication and style. I owned a 1970 Corolla 1200 and it was a great little car.

  4. Among the more interesting rides, I spy with my little eye, a…
    Chevelle SS
    Barracuda (just the roof)
    BMW 1600
    and drag racing through the signal: ’70 Torino GT and a ’77 Monte Carlo

  5. ssssteven, The Ford Torino GT is a 1969. The Chevrolet Monte Carlo could be a 1976 or 1977. The grill is to blurry to tell which.

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