13 thoughts on “SE Alder Street, 1960

  1. It’s too bad the zig zig brick facade was removed on the building in the foreground. It looks quite nice.

  2. That orange & white 1954 Buick Roadmaster would have been a sweet ride and the green Morris Minor parked alongside it, would be nice to have.

  3. Lou-LP, The Buick is a junior series – Special or Century and more likely a Special. There is no Morris Minor in the photo.

  4. Merlin is a wizard at car identification, apparently!

    p.s. I’m still jealous of igor’s HTML abilities.

  5. The two little white cars with the tail lights on the ends of the fins are easy to identify. The little bubble on the upper part of the lens tells us that they are Goliath 1100’s. Subaru copied the Goliath engine and has used it for many decades. The little station wagon between the red Buick and Singer Gazelle is also a Goliath 1100 but a year or two older than the finned sedans. This must have been a Goliath dealer to have three of them sitting there.

  6. I just couldn’t recall the name of those little white finmobiles Merlin. Right on! The Goliath. And I thought it was too large to be a Morris Minor. As for the Singer, Hillman was in the mix via Australia & Chrysler. In ’59 they made a Singer Hillman Gazelle. But thats not in the photo.

  7. What a lineup of interesting and diverse autos, both foreign and domestic! More cars are visible than in the Dec. 23rd photo. I still love that ’57 Ford Fairlane I rode around in with the family back in the late ’50s. What a sweet ride.

  8. George, It is a Singer dealer. The car between the Goliath sedan and Goliath station wagon is a Singer Gazelle. Google it and find out.

  9. Merlin, I agree. It’s a Singer dealer And That is a Singer Gazelle. All I meant was Hillman was connected at one time. That I Googled. That’s why they look similar.

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