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  1. This looks like duniway park or goose hollow area, look how close the hills are behind the buildings in the photo. If you look at old trolley lines, there is one that goes up SW 5th towards barber. it also has an advertisement for Lincoln high school auditorium which is in that part of portland

  2. There were two Bergman Dairy stores east side and west side. I think that I was wrong that this is the west side store and not the east side store on SE Morrison.

  3. The visible numbers look like 675. This is pre-renumbering but I can’t find a match on Union or Morrison.

    With the Lincoln High School clue, Guessing 1675, it is an unusual street number to find on a corner, much less in the middle of a block like this.

    Also, I was today years old when I realized only the east side got renumbered.

  4. I was looking at “the great renumbering,” and if we’re on E Morrison and it’s 675, it would place it near SE 19th, in the area of Lone Fir. I agree that the West Side argument is persuasive, since we can’t explain the hills.

  5. Mike — Good find! I’m curious about what terms you used to search the Oregonian, as I tried it (in the Historical Oregonian) without success.

  6. efile states it is slated for possible removal for ross island bridge approach reconstruction. red electric line in street?

  7. in 1923 eva bergman ran a grocerie at 634 1st st. bergman and bergman were a deli up on 390 knott. not those.
    however, 675 1st st transposes to 2700 or so sw 1st ave., which puts it squarely in the area of ross island bridge construction, so i think that’s it.

  8. oops – left out parts of a sentence… i meant to say can’t be bergman and bergman, so it must be mrs. bergman on sw 1st ave.

  9. some observations in favor of sw location:
    *poster w/hebrew more likely found in the jewish neighborhood.
    *fence style – typical for the far SW elevated streets?
    *reflection in window shows more railing on opposite side of street
    *small sign attached to rail left of “S” in Sperry says ‘Dirt Wanted will pay ……’
    *poster taped on outside of window suggests store was empty before sept. ’26

  10. this would appear to be the corner of sw 1st ave and sw arthur… 1908 sanborn, vol 1 sheet 163 shows 675 as a store, nw corner.

  11. interesting note: the sanborn states that in 1909, this store was built on piles 40′ high! “ground 40′ below street this side on piles”

    and we need an edit feature; the sanborn is actually 1908-9 vol. 2, sheet 163. or i need to type slower…

  12. wl – can we view the Sanborns once again thru the Library system? I haven’t been able to since November!

  13. claudia – tell me about it! i even bought a cd of some sanborns off *bay to deal with it! but yes, after having to redo my password and a few hoops i was able to get them to work in safari, but not firefox. firefox gives an error everytime. i will say, while i despise the trend to make all things ‘appy’ in look and function, the new sanborn files are FAR easier to view, enlarge and download. as long as they play nice with your browser!

  14. I thought southwest, too. In the old Jewish neighborhood of that era, you would have a kosher dairy-only (no meat sold there) store.

  15. Well, there are some mighty fine detectives commenting here, using sources of which I know little. Just going by some clues in the photo (the sun’s placement, the trolley tracks, the tree-covered mountain in the distance) I was thinking, the building was on the south side of the street, facing north. and then I sort of thought it looked like the Montavilla neighborhood with Mt. Tabor in the background.
    Nice work, people.

  16. Those who place Bergman’s Dairy Store on 1st ave in old South Portland I think are on the right track for these reasons. (1) Street cars ran on 1st. (2) Vintage Portland from 11/9/15 has a photo of the Gem Hotel which they place on 1st between Sheridan & Arthur, in this photo street car tracks are in the street, the iron fence is a match to the fence next to Bergman’s, and both locations have wooden sidewalks. (3) A help wanted ad placed by the Gem Hotel in 1918 gives their address as 665 1/2 S 1st, which looks to be close to the address others have give.

  17. The property’s slope and pilings match the topography that was there before they filled the Marquam Gulch and created Duniway Park etc., and long before the ill-conceived urban renewal of the 1950s-60s, which obliterated the neighborhood.

  18. wl, for what it’s worth, the City Archives has a set of notebooks from the 1950s with a full page devoted to each building that was slated to be torn down during the urban renewal project. Photograph plus comments about ownership, age, use, condition, etc. In the early 1990’s my firm bought a property on SW First, and I did some research about the project. The notebooks were housed in North Portland somewhere and they actually let me borrow them for a few weeks. So if Bergman’s survived until the 1950s, its photo would have been in those notebooks. They are an invaluable resource!

  19. I don’t think it’s 1927 because the show on the poster is supposed to happen on Sept. 12, 1926. Not sure if it’s relevant but the bottom writing on the poster is Hebrew (or Yiddish), so could mean the store was in the Inner SW area (as others above guessed). Isn’t that where many in PDX’s Jewish community lived?

  20. Mark – Yes, thriving and vibrant Jewish and Italian community until the 1950s when it was literally leveled in the name of “urban renewal” and removal of “blight.” And what is there now is the opposite of vibrant. Misguided, bigoted, and very sad.

  21. My father was headmaster of the Hall in 1948-49 and our family lived on lake Oswego at the Everglades in Lake Grove now Oswego. Best two years of my young life.

  22. Interesting that ledgerboard along the roof. Not enough snow in Portland to justify it, Nor is it steep enough to be needed during a repair or replacement.

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