13 thoughts on “Multnomah Village, 1959

  1. I’ve never lived in this area, but I’ve always enjoyed visiting this tiny hamlet for breakfast or dinner.
    Comparing the current photo with the old photo it appears that the town flip-flopped the diagonal vs. parallel parking configuration on the one-way street; at some point.

  2. Lou L-P The parking on Capitol switched sides in 2013 between SW 35th & 36th when the city widened the sidewalks and planted street trees.

  3. Thanks for not bringing up the firing the police chief thing. Usually that’s the first thing someone mentions when Multnomah is pictured.

  4. Great photo! And to clarify, in 1959 it was simply ‘Multnomah’ without the added ‘Village’! Older residents will omit ‘Village’ and sneer if corrected. Adding ‘Village’ was a ‘90s’ thing.

  5. JH There are Oregonian real estate and business ads from the 1970’s that use Multnomah Village. It’s not a 1990’s thing

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  7. looks unchanged and original all the old buildings look like there still standing !! from 60 years ago gonna go there next week !!

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