13 thoughts on “NE Broadway, 1960

  1. Mike the July 17, 1960 Oregonian reports that June 1960 traffic counts on NE Broadway as a 2 way street averaged 19,000 vehicles per day, and NE Weidler only had a average daily traffic count of 1,500 vehicles. The change was made to one-way before the Lloyd Center shopping center opened.

  2. We were out of school on snow days for about a week that winter. Several feet of drifts at our house near Multnomah.

  3. Vlad: This was Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Pink Panther) famous line as he went mad, “Every day, in every way, things are getting better and better.”
    Interesting seeing an old family-run hardware store before ACE and True Value totally took over.
    The snow makes the pastel colors in this photo really special. I don’t like this sort of weather in Portland at all.

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