6 thoughts on “Cathedral Park, 1980

  1. At first I could not figure out why that one women has the wash board behind her instead of in front of her. Then I noticed she has two washboards one in front and one in back. Must be hard to play those things like that.

  2. there are a number of interesting objects: megaphone, cylinder with handle (guiro?), a pan, a pot lid, a custom blow-molded case for whatever the lady left of center is playing; others are playing shakers, castanets, a wash tub… and a broom. there are at least 10 people performing. must’ve been a hell of a hoedown.

  3. the lady with the washboards, has them connected with straps over her shoulder. She playing in back with a melon baller.

  4. Cathedral Park was dedicated on Saturday May 3, 1980 and it coincided with the 18th annual St. Johns Parade Daze & Carnival which started on Friday May 2., and ran for 10 days. From the link that wl included in their comment, there is a program for the park dedication that list “Kitchen Kettle Kuties” a performers. The Kitchen Kettle Kuties were a group of grandmothers from Portland and Southwest Washington that used household items as instruments.

  5. d’oh! i was focused on the entertainers at the end of that program schedule; went right by the first 3 lines on the page! i even noted the shadows indicated an early-afternoon time and still didn’t twig to my own clue. so much for my investigative skills…

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