21 thoughts on “SW View Point Terrace, 1953

  1. SW View Point Terrace will be the new border between SW Portland and S Portland come this May when all of the leading zero addresses go away and S Portland comes into existence.

  2. Wow. I didn’t know they were going to do that! My dad’s family lived in Fulton (not called John’s Landing then) and this is almost a step back to the original numbering, isn’t it? The old home on Nebraska went from an address based on distance from the river, I’m assuming, to 0333 at some point. It will probably go back to something close to the original in May.
    My grandparents lived up at the end of Viewpoint Terr. where it dropped into a ravine we could hike in, down to Riverview cemetery and cross Macadam to play in Powers Marine Park. Will the South designation extend that far?

  3. Debby: The new South Portland is an attempt to fix the current numbering problem. Many computer systems store house numbers as numeric fields in their databases rather than as text. Therefore, when someone enters text like “0300” into such systems, it actually gets stored as “300” (Numeric). The problem is that in our current system, there is a difference between “0300” and “300”. This has caused emergency services to occasionally report to the wrong residence or for package deliveries to be incorrect etc.
    The old, old numbers for these houses were different and not really what they are looking to go back to.
    This is just to fix a modern era problem brought on my some poor database designs. 🙂

  4. The house’s layout reminds me of the old New Orleans “shotgun” style houses – with a basement or lower level which shotguns didn’t have. This is a great home and site.

  5. For Sale sign attached to the porch column, and here is the listing from February 1953.
    OPEN TODAY 3 to 5
    4641 SW View Point Terrace. 7 rooms, 1 floor, $4065, $850 down, balance $35 month. Will trade for car, or small place. FT 3412, Ft 4277, Button Bkr.

  6. Good they got a jump on the downspout disconnection scheme.
    And mind you step out the back door. Its a lulu !!

  7. In addition to the comment by Dennis, and after looking up the address on Redfin, it was built in 1926. Today is listed as off the market and appraised at over $ 600.000.

  8. Looks like they never built a side porch so they could use that door. And the Google views show a nice porch off the lower level beneath that old side door. Probably sheetrocked over on the inside.

  9. yep. the leading “0” before the address is like a negative number. They are technically SE portland addresses grid-wise, but since “SW” is that side of the river to make it easy they just used the 0 as a negative number. Negative meaning “on the other side of the SW/SE line.

  10. Was it originally built as a residence? The double-hung windows make it look like a school house, plus the unfinished door. I’m curious.

  11. The 911 system was changed to work fine with the leading zero addresses. They are going to have to change almost 10,000 addresses when the change comes into effect. ( See the PBOT website) If you are a delivery driver and you can’t figure out the leading zero address system maybe you should be doing something else. It’s an unnecessary change and its going to be expensive. Plus a lot of people are not going to change their address tiles based on smaller scale changes that were done in Newburg and Hillsboro. It’s a done deal though.

  12. I don’t fault the delivery drivers. Its the proliferation of corporate computer systems that don’t know what to do with addresses starting in 0 and override what is entered before the delivery person is even in the picture.

  13. It appears the basement may have been converted to a separate apartment, judging by the porch light next to the door on the downhill side, and what look like twin mail boxes on either side of the front steps.

  14. Wow! I remember that house from my early childhood in the 50’s! The family that lived there were close friends of our family. They were the Wright’s and Mr. Wright (Carl) and my dad worked together for the Union Pacific Railroad in Albina! They had 3 kids around our ages and we used to build 4 wheeled scooters we called “Doodlebugs” and sail down the hill to the end of the street and hope we could stop in time to keep from killing ourselves (or at least escape serious bodily injuries!) I’m almost sure that was their house because we played marbles in the front yard and it always reminded me of an “elf house”.

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