North Portland Aerial, 1968

Aerial of the area near the Union Stockyards, Exposition Center, and West Delta Park looking northwest, 1968.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-035.19.


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11 thoughts on “North Portland Aerial, 1968

  1. looks to me like b&w print made by someone with indifferent darkroom skills. i’d get that look after a while if i didn’t have all my chemicals right when developing.

  2. In the foreground on the right side that looks like remnants of pathways from the 1959 Oregon Centennial Exposition.

  3. LU: I don’t believe the lower left was a part of Vanport, but it was in the center, and out of frame on the left side this photo, and went East to Denver Ave. If you enlarge the image you will see some streets that were likely from Vanport.

  4. Yes, the roads in the center-left of today’s photo are the former streets of the western part of Vanport.

    In this previous VP aerial photo, you can see an aerial of Vanport before the flood to compare.

    The easiest reference point is probably Force Lake which in today’s photo is almost right in the center (it’s a small somewhat triangular shaped lake). In the photo from the previous post I linked to, it’s on upper-half, far right edge. From there you can follow the roads in both photos. ** Be sure to zoom in — the linked photo is quite big and has a lot of detail **

    Another prominent landmark between the two is the “four way” intersection. In today’s photo it’s center-left, and in the “before” photo it’s upper half, fairly centered left to right (slightly right). There’s a tree-line that runs parallel to the N-S road of that intersection (along a part of slough) that is visible in both to help identify it.

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