10 thoughts on “N Russell Street, 1945

  1. Blue Bell potato chips, the familiar boy and girl on the front of the package, I remember it well. They are always at local picnics. Along with “stubbie bottles” of mug root beet. As kids we pretend it was real beer, like the old Hiddleberg Beer.

  2. Vlad: I posted on a comment on December 2nd that Portland Precinct No.2 which closed in 1933, and later became the home of the Sunshine Division was located at 38 Northeast Russell st. The Oregonian on December 23, 1945 (page 19) once again list the Sunshine Division as 38 Northeast Russell st., this address is East of Williams ave. and these buildings have been demolished since 1945.

  3. Janet & Laura: Do you recall Blue Bell Chips also coming in a Box? A Safeway ad from 1960 prices a 4 package box for .79 cents and a 3 package box of dip chips for .69 cents. You could also get a 6 1/2 oz. bag for .39 cents

  4. Yes, I do remember Blue Bell chips came in a box with three bags inside. We’d usually pick ours up at Fred Meyers.

  5. Blue Bell’s plant was down in that area sort of by where Nabisco is/was in NE. Our 8th grade hoodlum (Woodlawn grade school) used to run down into where the trucks were parked and steal boxes off of them. Ate my share.

  6. Vlad: The Portland Police Museum website indicates that 38 NE Russell st. was precinct #2 from 1925-1933, and the Sunshine Division had this location from 1933-1970.

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