Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program, 1969

Koin 6 News camera capturing the presentation of flowers in a newly rehabbed house, 1969. This image comes from the Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program slides.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2010-003.4634.


View this image in Efiles by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program, 1969

  1. That formica kitchen table in the background is worth some money now. Even though the photo is from 1969 that’s whats known as a mid- century modern table.

  2. Speaking of flowers & the Albina area, I noticed yesterday while on the streetcar, it appears that the Flowers houses at NE 1st & Schuyler have been torn down.
    Earvin Flowers arrived in Portland in 1865. I believe the houses were from
    the 1880s.

  3. I’m pretty sure I found this family pictured in an article in The Oregonian on November 8, 1969 (page 9). The headline is “Portland Home Constructed Under Mortgage Subsidy Program” and the first two paragraphs are: “Portland’s first home built under a new Federal Housing Administration mortgage subsidy program has been completed in the Albina Neighborhood Improvement Project. The home, at 3808 N. Kerby Ave., is being purchased by Mrs. Patricia Knight, an employee of Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Co. Mrs. Knight’s son, Steve, 12, and her mother will live with her.”

    There is a photo of Patricia and Steve Knight in their kitchen. It’s black & white, but they appear to be wearing the same outfits as in our VP photo today. I would love to insert a copy of that photo here for you all, but don’t know how to.

    The 1969 article says, “Sale price was $16,000, including a deluxe drop-in range and oven, stainless steel kitchen sink, attached carport and patio and lawn. The home was built by Davies Homes, Inc., with the help of local subcontractors.”

    I checked the Multnomah County tax records for the home, which indicate Mrs. Knight sold it for $45,000 in 1997, and that its 2019 value is $414,540.

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