9 thoughts on “NE 33rd Drive, 1964

  1. So much has changed, I’m finding it hard to place. No center divider, the curve doesn’t match, no stand of poplars…

  2. That group of trees in the distance looks like the hedge that surrounds Riverside Golf course – ? I can’t get over all the homes along there – didn’t remember that. I know the Bonaduce family had a truck farm on 33rd just off Columbia on the east side and I’m trying to figure out if that might be their house on the right. But I think this photo is taken further north.

  3. It looks like the Google Street View linked above is the bridge immediately north of Argyle street, but the bridge in the 1964 photo is the bridge over the main slough which is about 500 ft north of that one.

    You can see the bridge in question from this aerial photo also from 1964 from a previous VP post.

    In the aerial above, you can see the first bridge just north of Argyle is still two lanes in 1964, while the main slough bridge is just after it widens to four lanes with the distinctive divider looking north.

    So Debby above is right that the photo is taken farther north, but only a few hundred feet farther north.

  4. Debby; Funeral and wedding announcements for Bonaduce family members in the Oregonian give the address of 7040 NE 33rd Dr. which is just off Columbia Blvd., but the house in this photo would not be the address I found. I looked at aerial photos from 1960 thru 1980 and the land behind the address I found looks like it has been worked, and could have been a small truck farm.

  5. I was a bus boy at Riverside (parking lot entrance visible upper left) in 1971. Dollar sixty an hour. When us guys got a little older we would go just past Riverside’s entrance to Elrod road and proceed east on it about an eighth of a mile to a small turn out where we would park in my friend’s 67 GTO to drink 6 packs of Brown derby 16 ouncers that we would hound someone into buying for us at the Safeway on 42nd and Killingsworth St. We also used 33rd drive as the main way to get to “Ditler’s” beach where high schoolers and young adults hung out out to talk and do more drinking. One would drink there until after dark and then load up a car with 3 or 4 guys and go cruise Broadway. We never got caught. Just dumb luck I guess. Elrod road has a gate across it now. 911? Too close to the airport?

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