11 thoughts on “N Commercial Avenue, 1967

  1. Not much one can say about this photo. One thing about the address tiles left of the front door– when the city did the great renumbering in 1933 they sent out crews to install those address tiles. No charge to the homeowner. They were all mostly installed to the left of the front door all at roughly the same height. That makes it easy to drive down a street a find an address. In May of next year around 5,000 addresses with change with the implementation of the South Portland address project. It will be interesting to see how many and how quickly people change their addresses on their homes from say 0525 SW Nebraska to 525 S Nebraska.

  2. Lots of great comments here, thank you. I connected on the woodstove comment
    immediately, but the City supplied/installed number tiles (1933) was news to me (I sort of acknowledged the widespread uniformity of these tiles in Portland but didn’t know why that was). It was also interesting to learn when the house was built, what it cost to build right down to the name of the builder and his client. Mr. Fake certainly built a fine solid structure here.

  3. Since I live in Ocean Park, I can’t get to locations around Portland to take current pictures for my website. Google maps is cheating. Could someone take a current picture and let me know?

  4. Sometimes I stop by businesses/ locations that are featured on here to show them the website and the picture of their business the way it used to look.

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