14 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 1911

  1. Awesome it’s still there. Looks nice. Expanded footprint and added a second level. House on left is still there too.

  2. Mimi; From a classified ad placed in the Oregonian in January 1911 by Mathiesen’s Ave. Garage their location is shown as 13th & Hawthorne.

  3. it’s now home to a mercedes benz repair shop. have brought my dad’s cars there a few times. they do good work.

  4. The car in the driveway awaiting delivery is a 1911 Marmon Model 32 Touring Car; as is the one in the showroom priced at $550. These cars came out of Indiana and later, also in Denton, Texas.
    It’s great to see these buildings are still an active part of Portland life.

  5. My grandfather owned Midway Garage which was nearby but I have never been able to find exactly where it was located. He lost in in the Great Depression. My dad said some of Portland bootleggers garaged their cars in it. It was within walking distance of what is today 17th and Hawthorne.

  6. For the Hawthorne Freddies shoppers that may be on here, the gentleman on the far right looks just like Sam, the door greeter. Same clothes and everything!

  7. Joan: Edge Lord is correct Byron’s Home Furnishings was located at 1309 SE Hawthorne in the 60’s, and relocated to 819 SE Morrison in the early 70’s which is where I shopped for furniture. Newspaper ads in the late 60’s and 70’s confirm these locations. Also early 70’s newspaper ads for 1309 SE Hawthorne show M&B Motors at this location.

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