9 thoughts on “N Bridgeton Road, 1972

  1. Looks like the location of the former Tomahawk Island bridge that carried traffic from Faloma Station to the island. Built in 1929, closed in 1949 and dismantled in 1952, the bridge carried auto and pedestrian traffic to Lotus Isle Amusement Park back in the day. It was constructed on top of those pilings with wooden decking and had a steel span in the center.

  2. Edge Lord a 1951 aerial photo shows the bridge to Tomahawk Island went from the intersection on N. Bridgeton Rd. & N Gantenbein Ave to Tomahawk Island.

  3. I ride my bike on Bridgeton and agree with igor that the house on the left may be on the corner of Haight. Yes, a lot of condos have sprouted up in the ten years or so that I have been cutting through there to avoid riding on the nearby section of Marine Drive.

    Edge Lord,
    I wonder if the Lotus Isle bridge was off the north end of Gantenbein? It has always seemed odd to me that Gantenbein has a rather elaborate “Y” intersection with Marine Drive for a street that is only a block long. It seems overbuilt for the amount of traffic it sees currently.

  4. Dennis/Ron K: I think it was Gantenbein. A bonus with this picture is on the middle far right you can see the old pilings of the streetcar trestle that used to diagonally traverse the Columbia Slough sticking out of the water. Some of those pilings still exist today.

  5. To view the aerial views of the Tomahawk Island bridge & streetcar trestle to Hayden Island, and info related to Lotus Isle Park check out “Bridges of Lotus Isle” @ Lotusfaloma.blogspot.com

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