8 thoughts on “N Williams Avenue, 1962

  1. The building on the right was later to be home-plate for the wonderful Doris B-B-Q. “Mister” Jewel was the pit-master of the best Q in this town! Ahhhhh.

  2. In one way Kodak “snapshot cameras” are like impressionistic paintings. The photos make sense from a distance and look complete. As photography equipment goes they were really crap.

  3. Nurnberg Scientific, (now in Tualatin) had a fire at the location seen here in 1967. It’s amazing how many stories photographs contain…
    From their site:
    Nurnberg Scientific was started in 1946 as a division of Nurnberg Thermometer. Nurnberg Thermometer started in 1895 in New York by a German immigrant family. Through the first half of the century they manufactured thermometers for research, industry and gauges for the marine industry. Lifelong employee, Sam Friedland, bought the company and saw the opportunity to expand into the general laboratory products business.

    Shortly after WWII Sam opened branches in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Los Angeles, CA and Berkeley, CA. Through the 50’s and 60’s the Portland office continued to grow mainly through the dedicated efforts of then manager, Bill Rhodes, and despite a devastating fire, continued to support the labs in the Pacific Northwest. The fire at the North Williams avenue facility in 1967 provided the opportunity to design a custom building with ample chemical storage. The building was finished in 1968 and appeared cavernous at 10,000 sq ft. In the 70’s Sam brought his sons Phil and Jack into the business.

    Link to site:

  4. Wallace’s Bar-B-Q at 3240 N Williams eventually became Pizza A-Go-Go. I haven’t been there in 10 years. Looking at Google Maps, it looks like that entire building has been demolished now. It’s a garden next to the Waypost Bar now.

  5. I thing the only building in that picture still standing is the 3rd one on the left- between the blue/grey house and the red building (you can just barely make it out); it’s not The Peoples’ Pig.

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